Top 10 list for Memorial Day

10. The plots in this book play a good part. The scene is set up in Washington D.C., Texas, and a small town in Al-Quaeda. The scenes play huge roles because they help to set up the feel and emotion to the book. they are all described so well that it really makes you feel that you are there and that adds a nice touch into the story.

9. The bombs set up the Washington D.C. on the parade route are major factors in the story. The bombs were set up to try to kill the president during a parade on memorial. they were set up by two terrorists from two different remote areas in Al-Quaeda. the bombs also gave the story a big sense of thrill and suspense at the same time because you didnt know when they were going to go off.

8. The documents that were recovered in the small town in Al-Quaeda were big. The documents ended up being plans on assassinating the president of the united states. they were found at random when a small group of soldiers attacked the town. "These documents are plans to assassinate the president." (pg.115)

7. The president of the united states has a role that in which he was the one who sent the troops to the small town in Al-Quaeda first and also for being the one who is planned to get assassinated. he sent the troops there to break up a little terrorist meeting which ended up with the troops finding the papers on his planned assassination. "I want troops in asap" (pg.101)

6. The troops that were both part of the attack and that went to Texas and also stayed up for 48 hours were life savers for the president and everyone else. not only did they help to recover the documents but they also helped to save the presidents life and did all of the heavy/dirty work for the whole mission.

5. Zubair was the weaker of the two terrorists in my opinion. he did most of the light work. Zubair came in from LAX airport looking a normal businessman. his main job was to get the bombs wired and armed to the laptop for Al-Yamadi. "ive never been so scared before. what if i get caught on the airplane or in the terminal."(pg.219)

4. The email that was sent by the two terrorist to the cia was an email that summed up that the attacks were not off and that there would be an attack on the president on memorial day. the cia was stunned that there was only a date and nothing else. no name, no return email. "The attacks are not off yet" (354)

3. Mrs. Kennedy is a special opps worker for the cia. she is not military based but however can control the military with out any permission from d.c. or the president. Kennedy was the one who called in for the small group of troops and rapp to go back to the small town in Al-Quaeda to try and find any other information that they could on the assassination. she also helped with tracing down the terrorists down in texas.

2. Al-Yamadi is the leader of the two terrorists. he helped to plan the main attack and had been training for it years in advance. he got the u.s. by stealing a yacht in the caribbean and then he sailed all the way to the u.s. he was also the one who was chosen to detonate the bombs with the laptop but was stopped by rapp. ""Ahh my brother. lets take down this country" (226)"

1. Rapp is the head of the cia and knows everything on the mission. he lead the all the teams in the book. the one that went to Al-Quaeda twice, the team to texas, and the team that protected the president. Rapp also took Al-yamadi by himself on memorial day when he saw him standing in the crowd of people almost ready to detonate the bombs.

Top 10 list for

Part 7

A.) predominantly- having ascendancy, power, authority, or influence over others (518)
fortifications- military works constructed for the purpose of strengthening a position (536)
"The presidents life is at stake. you men are going to do everything in your power to make sure that he stays alive." (489)

Vince Flynn,
The end of the book was by far the best part. i liked how the beginning of the last section started off on the day of the parade. the cia had rapp set up his team over night and into the next day to make sure nothing had been going on for a full 48 hours. the parade was scheduled to start around noon. the two terrorists had planned to do the attack an hour into the parade so that the people and everyone would kinda settle down a little. there plan was set with all the bombs in place. all they had to do was get close enough into the crowd so that they could set off the explosives. al-yamani was going to do the job of setting off the explosives. he was set and ready in the crowd. what he didnt know was that rapp had found al-yamani the night before setting up at night and getting prepared for the big day. rapp was on the run, he had to get to al-yamani before he set off the bombs. the hard part about this mission was that the snipers couldnt take him out because there were to many people in the crowd that could be possible targets. rapp had to do it himself. he rushed down with only a hand gun to make everything seem as normal as possible. rapp was down by the crowd and spotted al-yamani by a light post by himself with a laptop. to stop the attack completely rapp unloaded a full round into al-yamani. it was over, the president was safe. al-yamani was dead and the other terrorist, imtaz zubair, committed suicide right after the parade was over in the epilogue. everything turned out fine the the president, the cia, and the united states of america thanks to rapp.

part 6

A). "I want these guys dead by tomorrow" (405)
"These guys are so nice to leave us in texas" (463)
"its like a hot day in the winter. its never going to happen" (473)

B). "I want these guys dead by tomorrow" (405) this is a quote that is said by rapp in the next section in the book. this quote is said to the men in his crew to get the message out that he wants the two terrorists (imtaz zubair and mustafa al-yamani) dead by memorial day so that the president isnt in danger. rapp is sent on what is known as a wild goose chase. a group of hackers from the cia found out where the email had came from and who sent it. rapp brought up the imtaz zubair and mustafa al-yamani and told his men to kill them at first site. the special ops team moved quickly first going to texas to try and find the terrorist. luckily for zubair and al-yamani, they left just a few hours before for washington d.c. causing the ops team much frustration. the two terrorists set up in washington d.c. the night before memorial day with a couple of explosives around the parade route. all of 2 years of planning was about to come into play for this one day. rapp shortly returned to washington d.c. that night to set up camp around all of washington to watch for anything suspicious for the next 48 hours.

part 5

a new rising theme in the book is friendship which is showed by imtaz zubair and mustafa al-yamani.
diagnostics- medical term. medicine/medical(306)
compartmentalized- to divide into categories(330)

"The attacks are not off yet" (354) this quote is a really cool quote in the book because it is an email that is sent by imtaz zubair and mustafa al-yamani to the cia. the email was fairly long and stated the fact to the cia that even though the documents had been found, there is still going to be a planned attack on the president. the cia went off the wall. the one person in the book who knew what was and is going to happen was rapp. even though they didnt find anything in the small remote town in al quaeda, he knew that there was no way that the attacks were going to be called off. the cia had to fix the problem as soon as they could. the only information that they got out of the email however was that the attack wasnt off. they didnt know who was behind the attack or when the attack was going to happen. they had to take all precautions necessary to keep the president alive. it was up to rapp yet again to assemble a team to try and somehow find the men and to also keep the president from being assassinated. rapp was to start by analyzing all the information out of the documents retrieved from the small town and the email, and after analyzing the data he had he came to discover the attack was to be executed on memorial day.

Part 4

excruciating- extremely painful, dealing great pain.
prerequisite- to be required before hand

"Ahh my brother. lets take down this country" (226).

"Ahh my brother. lets take down this country" (226). i chose this quote for the part 4 of the blog because i thought this played a huge role in the book. mustafa al-yamani just entered the country to be reunited with his terrorist brother imtaz zubair. imtaz got to the country a couple days before mustafa al-yamani. instead of taking a boat he flew to the united states in a sort of disguise. he had to change names, shave his beard and hair, and try to look like a normal business man. the two men met in texas to discuss further plans on there assassination on the president. the plan for the two men was too do the attack on memorial day when a parade was going on in washington d.c. so that the have an easier target on the president. memorial day was however only 3 days away so they have to act as fast as they can to try and plan and get the attack off before its to late to serve there country. at the same that this is going on, rapp and his team from the remote town in al qaeda are returning from a some what pointless trip, finding nothing but a deserted town. the only bad thing for these men and the cia is that they suspect that all attacks might be off because of the information they have achieved.

part 3

1. irony- "God i would kill to go down to that little town again" (154)
Metaphor- "That guy is like a fox, he's always sneaking."(148)
taliban- A muslim group in Afghanistan
fiasco- a complete failure

"God i would kill to go down to that little town again" (154) analyzing this quote. this quote is very significant in the next part of the book because the old fleet just got back and they want to go back but cant because the cia wants to send in an entire new fleet so the old one can get some rest. the mans name who said this quote didn't have a name because he had a small significance in the book but played a huge part in the attack on the small city in al qaeda. i picked this quote to show how loyal and dedicated the soldiers who layed the attack on the city in al qaeda were. they wanted to go back so badly but weren't able to just because the cia wanted a fresh set of new bodies. the new fleets job in this section in the book is to go back to the same town and find anything other new information that they could. by the time the new fleets get there they were stunned at the site to see everything in the small city to be gone. everybody and everything had left. it was now a deserted town because of the recent attack. no new information was recovered at the cia was in huge trouble not knowing any other information about the planned attack on the president.