part 3

1. irony- "God i would kill to go down to that little town again" (154)
Metaphor- "That guy is like a fox, he's always sneaking."(148)
taliban- A muslim group in Afghanistan
fiasco- a complete failure

"God i would kill to go down to that little town again" (154) analyzing this quote. this quote is very significant in the next part of the book because the old fleet just got back and they want to go back but cant because the cia wants to send in an entire new fleet so the old one can get some rest. the mans name who said this quote didn't have a name because he had a small significance in the book but played a huge part in the attack on the small city in al qaeda. i picked this quote to show how loyal and dedicated the soldiers who layed the attack on the city in al qaeda were. they wanted to go back so badly but weren't able to just because the cia wanted a fresh set of new bodies. the new fleets job in this section in the book is to go back to the same town and find anything other new information that they could. by the time the new fleets get there they were stunned at the site to see everything in the small city to be gone. everybody and everything had left. it was now a deserted town because of the recent attack. no new information was recovered at the cia was in huge trouble not knowing any other information about the planned attack on the president.

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