Part 4

excruciating- extremely painful, dealing great pain.
prerequisite- to be required before hand

"Ahh my brother. lets take down this country" (226).

"Ahh my brother. lets take down this country" (226). i chose this quote for the part 4 of the blog because i thought this played a huge role in the book. mustafa al-yamani just entered the country to be reunited with his terrorist brother imtaz zubair. imtaz got to the country a couple days before mustafa al-yamani. instead of taking a boat he flew to the united states in a sort of disguise. he had to change names, shave his beard and hair, and try to look like a normal business man. the two men met in texas to discuss further plans on there assassination on the president. the plan for the two men was too do the attack on memorial day when a parade was going on in washington d.c. so that the have an easier target on the president. memorial day was however only 3 days away so they have to act as fast as they can to try and plan and get the attack off before its to late to serve there country. at the same that this is going on, rapp and his team from the remote town in al qaeda are returning from a some what pointless trip, finding nothing but a deserted town. the only bad thing for these men and the cia is that they suspect that all attacks might be off because of the information they have achieved.

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