part 6

A). "I want these guys dead by tomorrow" (405)
"These guys are so nice to leave us in texas" (463)
"its like a hot day in the winter. its never going to happen" (473)

B). "I want these guys dead by tomorrow" (405) this is a quote that is said by rapp in the next section in the book. this quote is said to the men in his crew to get the message out that he wants the two terrorists (imtaz zubair and mustafa al-yamani) dead by memorial day so that the president isnt in danger. rapp is sent on what is known as a wild goose chase. a group of hackers from the cia found out where the email had came from and who sent it. rapp brought up the imtaz zubair and mustafa al-yamani and told his men to kill them at first site. the special ops team moved quickly first going to texas to try and find the terrorist. luckily for zubair and al-yamani, they left just a few hours before for washington d.c. causing the ops team much frustration. the two terrorists set up in washington d.c. the night before memorial day with a couple of explosives around the parade route. all of 2 years of planning was about to come into play for this one day. rapp shortly returned to washington d.c. that night to set up camp around all of washington to watch for anything suspicious for the next 48 hours.

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