Part 7

A.) predominantly- having ascendancy, power, authority, or influence over others (518)
fortifications- military works constructed for the purpose of strengthening a position (536)
"The presidents life is at stake. you men are going to do everything in your power to make sure that he stays alive." (489)

Vince Flynn,
The end of the book was by far the best part. i liked how the beginning of the last section started off on the day of the parade. the cia had rapp set up his team over night and into the next day to make sure nothing had been going on for a full 48 hours. the parade was scheduled to start around noon. the two terrorists had planned to do the attack an hour into the parade so that the people and everyone would kinda settle down a little. there plan was set with all the bombs in place. all they had to do was get close enough into the crowd so that they could set off the explosives. al-yamani was going to do the job of setting off the explosives. he was set and ready in the crowd. what he didnt know was that rapp had found al-yamani the night before setting up at night and getting prepared for the big day. rapp was on the run, he had to get to al-yamani before he set off the bombs. the hard part about this mission was that the snipers couldnt take him out because there were to many people in the crowd that could be possible targets. rapp had to do it himself. he rushed down with only a hand gun to make everything seem as normal as possible. rapp was down by the crowd and spotted al-yamani by a light post by himself with a laptop. to stop the attack completely rapp unloaded a full round into al-yamani. it was over, the president was safe. al-yamani was dead and the other terrorist, imtaz zubair, committed suicide right after the parade was over in the epilogue. everything turned out fine the the president, the cia, and the united states of america thanks to rapp.

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