part 5

a new rising theme in the book is friendship which is showed by imtaz zubair and mustafa al-yamani.
diagnostics- medical term. medicine/medical(306)
compartmentalized- to divide into categories(330)

"The attacks are not off yet" (354) this quote is a really cool quote in the book because it is an email that is sent by imtaz zubair and mustafa al-yamani to the cia. the email was fairly long and stated the fact to the cia that even though the documents had been found, there is still going to be a planned attack on the president. the cia went off the wall. the one person in the book who knew what was and is going to happen was rapp. even though they didnt find anything in the small remote town in al quaeda, he knew that there was no way that the attacks were going to be called off. the cia had to fix the problem as soon as they could. the only information that they got out of the email however was that the attack wasnt off. they didnt know who was behind the attack or when the attack was going to happen. they had to take all precautions necessary to keep the president alive. it was up to rapp yet again to assemble a team to try and somehow find the men and to also keep the president from being assassinated. rapp was to start by analyzing all the information out of the documents retrieved from the small town and the email, and after analyzing the data he had he came to discover the attack was to be executed on memorial day.

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