Part 2

One emerging theme in the book is being a hero. Rapp shows being a hero when he comes back to the small town in al qaeda to see if anything else has happened.
"We must go back there, we need to see what else we could find. Its the presidents life on the line." (96)

Vince Flynn,
The next section in your book is awesome. the first thing i like reading about right off the bat was hearing more about our terrorist al yamani who stole a yacht so he could sneak into the country. he had just woken up after killing 3 members on board so that he could complete his mission in the United States of America. in only 3 days, al yamani traveled to to the coast of florida were he would finally set forth on real american soil. the next chapter was nice also because we got to meet irene kennedy. kennedy is a special agent for the cia and has a leading rank that lets her do pretty much whatever she feels like. she gets a call from the cia at home one night to figure out that there is going to be a planned attack on the president of the united states. without hesitation she tells the cia to not say anything to the president and to immediately send out another force to the same location where they found the material on the president to try and find any other information that they could.

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