post 1of Memorial Day

Part A: Shaheed- Arabic term for holy martyrs; applied by Palestinians to suicide bombers (pg.20)
unscathed- coming back unharmed or being uninjured. (pg.30)

"I have devoted my life to this mission and i will not quit until i have done whats right." (pg. 37) this quote is significant because it shows how devoted mustafa al-yamani is to his mission.

Part B: Vince Flynn, i loved how you started of the first part of your book. you started off the book so amazing that i couldn't even put it down. right away there was action with mustafa taking over the ship right away was amazing. i really enjoy the character rapp. he is a very interesting character that i cant wait to learn more about. the book got a little quiet/boring for a couple of chapters but then it got good again when 4 helicopters headed for a small town in al-qaeda to try and stop a small terrorist attack. i also liked how you tied in the attack and the troops who fought there finding information on an assassination plan on the president of the united states. i felt that the best part of this section of the book was the attack on the small city in al qaeda. after the cia found out about a small assassination plan they decided to go to the town and attack immediately to make sure no reported attack happens. right after taking down the town the cia finds some hidden papers that relate to an attack on the president on the united states of america. i thought this was an awesome beginning plot to the book.

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