i loved diving bell and the butterfly. it was one of the best books i've read in a long time. it always amazes me to think that just one guy did this with his one eye. this man couldnt move any part of his body but his eye and decided he wanted to write a book. his book was so great. it talked about everything that the readers wanted to know about. he talked about basic hospital days, treatment, surgerys. and then there was the butterfly part. it was a little confusing, but the book would just kind of turn into a fantasy. he would all of a sudden be free of his illness and be able to walk around with his kids or be in another part of the world doing whatever he felt like. the best part was the end of the book. he started getting more into how he felt about the whole matter of being "locked in". in my opinion he didnt mind it at all. he took it to his advantage of being locked in and wrote a book about it. he never really told the readers that he hated it. he may have hated not being able to swallow or move, but the broader perspective is that he didnt mind it. he took it as a chance to live his life to the fullest. he would still have his kids come in and play with him and his ex wife would still come visit. but in the book it was almost like he was being modest. he didnt talk about his crash until the end. he was going to go pick up his son to go to a play then he started to feel cold inside and light headed. then next thing he knew he was in the hospital and paralyzed. it seemed as he almost forgot to write about the accident in his book. but i feel that the book was amazing and even more amazing that he was able to write it considering his condition.

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