in this section of the book chris is talking about going to church. he always would go to sunday school with his brothers during the grown up service then if there was anytime left, he would go up to the grown up service after sunday school and sit with his parents. on this day chris was given a little jesus action figure. chris's brother wants the action figure so he tells chris that jesus has an imaginary brother named esus and that chris should give him the toy because he told him some valuable information. chris went to the church leader and asked him about esus and he said esus never existed. the next chapter discusses on chris asking a girl to the dance. he decides to ask paula whitson. to ask her chris had his brother talk to her. before his brother talked to her on the phone chris dialed the first 6 digits then went up stairs so he couldnt hear the conversation then had his brother dial the last one. she ended up saying yes and the went on to the dance.

"if the really popular girls couldnt see what a nice guy they were getting out of m, or if they, in fact, didnt want a nice guy, which a number of astonishingly socially conscious pump jockeys who worked at my dads service station were quick to tell me, maybe they liked being treated rough." -this quote pretty much sums up what chris feels throughout high school and doesnt think he has a chance at all to get any girl. (pg. 136)

"esus doing business with john m. crutcher."
-this is a cool quote because his brother made up that jesus have a brother named esus and now hey has a sign at work that says this. (pg. 114)

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