chirs has been introduced to the sports teams. he has been founded to be a swimmer. in one of his long weeks of swimming during christmas break he is introduced to stotan week. a week were u do nothing but work your butt off for a week straight. before lettering on a sports team u must go through initiation. all newcomers have to do it. chris being one of them has to go through a day of hell from the juniors and seniors who have already lettered. doing some nasty things one of which being paddled on the bare butt. by the end of initiation every passes and they all get letters. chris is what people call an idiot and told kids in the third grade it was o.k. to stick yourself in the furnace because it wouldnt be hot. the analogy he missed was if u were by the sun and then stuck yourself in the furnace it would be cold. chris has been stuck with the nickname lever ever since for being an idiot just about all the time. but chris has one talent and thats pulling pranks. chris hears about the seniors get away trip they take once a year to a secret destination to do anything they want with each other. its the juniors job to try and stop them. chirs and his buddies decide to take cheese and mink scent and spread it over the bus so they will almost be to the point were there nose will actually fall off. they succeed and the trip has never been taken since that prank. its time for the winter carnival queen. chris and his buddies think it would be funny to elect the least popular girl to be the queen so they elect janice winthrop. before the queen was revealed the guys pull a prank on her were she is almost stripped down to being naked. she ran home nearly naked crying and screaming the whole way home. the next day mr. leroy payne tells the boys that they will vote for her so many times that she will win by at least a mile. she did win, and the 8 boys who pulled the prank had to dance with her 3 times each at the dance. by the end of the dance they were all satisfied with there work and called it even.

Chris Crutcher was born on July, 17, 1946 in Cascade Idaho, he only read 1 book in highshcool to kill a mokingbird. chris has never married and lives alone. he has written over 15 books aimed at giving the theme of how to grow up. he was a swimmer and track runner in highshcool and college. he attended Eachster Washington State College. chris is still writing books and still lives alone in washington.

this book is great. its main strength has been being really open minded to the readers and telling the whole truth. the book has no weaknesses so far. its been really good. i fell the issues have been great. he's taken us through his life upto his freshman year in highschool and the issues have been absolutely nothing but funny. this book describes every young mans life. it describes embarrassing moments, funny moment, and frustrating moments. i cant really make any predictions. the book is too random and almost impossible to predict what will happen next. i feel the book is great and will be good throughout the whole book!

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