2nd part of memoir

chris loves to play games with his friends and older brother. the one game they always play is cowboys and bandits. on this day chris is playing as the cowboy Roy Rogers. by the start of the game chris has to go to the bathroom but is afraid of going into the house and seeing joe. joe is always Roy Rogers and will beat chris up if he finds out. so chris decides to pee in the grate. chris is afraid his brother will rat him out but he doesnt. his father does find out though because of the terrible smell but isnt mad. the next day chris's friend finds a bb gun and they play a game were they have to try and hit chris. they go out in the middle of the night and chris gets shot in the head. he was more scared of the noise then he was the pain of the pellet. the start of the new school year after chris's crazy summer starts off with chris being in love with girls. he always thought about them. chris tried all sports to try to get girls to like him. football, basketball, track. chris decides to enter an all girls game of softball to try and get a little attention. he is pinch running for a slower girl at home plate so he has to put his foot on base until she hits the ball. wham! the bat goes flying and the ball hits the back stop. the girl got a piece of something and it ended up being chris's face. by junior year chris decides to play basketball. he has one last game to try to make a basket or a rebound or even try to make the statistics list in anything he could. the hottest girl in mccall shows up to the game right as chris is about to get the ball. she walking up to the stands and chris is frozen until bam! the ball hits chris right in the back of the head and his fake teeth go flying right by Gerry Greene "hottest girl in mccall". by the end of the night all chris can think about is how lucky he was to be spotted by Gerry Greene.

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