1st section of my memoir.

so far the book king of the mild frontier is really good. the book is manly focused on chris crutcher's younger life. its taking the readers through stages with him fighting with his brother and him going through the growing pains with his older brother. the other part ive read is about his grandfather and his father working together as gas tank drivers and how chris loves to ride with them on long jobs. so far the book has only gone up to chris's life of the age of 5 years old. or to the point were he loves to cry about everything that doesnt go his way.

10 loaded words

pretty girls (pg.6)- chris has a big downfall of talking with girls. he only calls them pretty and never really talks to them.

big fat shitburger(pg.9) - chris called the anouncer at the bike race this term that really pissed off the anouncer because chris was angry that he was loosing and started verably abusing the anouncer.

bad guys(pg.10)- chris would play cowboys with his older brother and his brothers friend and chris was always the bad guy in the group.

skinny ass(pg.15)- this line is refered to chris because he is so skinny and fragile.

bawlbaby(pg.20)- bawlbaby is term used to descibe chris at the age of 12. he cried about everything and didnt plan on changing anything about it!

my old grandfather- this is just describing that chris's grandfather was pretty old and that he described him as his old grandfather.

stupid chris- his mom was pretty angree at chris when he took the cookies and let his brother take his friend on the trip with his dad and grandfather on the gas truck.

young babys- chris commented on how young the baby birds were in there little nest.

kid with puberty- chris's friend gave them the inside scoop on puberty and commented on a kid who was going through the stage of puberty.

young beutiful woman- chris's grandfather was explaining his perfect dream date and said he would like to go on a date with a young beutiful woman.

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