Sea inside part three

one shot i really remember is when u first saw ramone lying in his bed. you saw him just lying there and looking up into the sky like he wanted to be free of his body and travel anywhere. the camera angle they used on this scene was a high angle shot. the significance of this shot showed that other people were in a sense bigger than ramone and were more powerful than him. another camera angle a i remember being used in the movie was a eye level shot when the attorney first saw ramone. she sat down on a stool so she could talk directly too him and made sure he didnt feel less in power or weaker than her. the last really powerful shot i remember was when ramone started flying. he was able to move his hand then all of a sudden he got out of bed and started walking. then before the audience new what was really happening he was flying out the window and into the mountains and the sky. the shot they used for this scene was an oblique angle shot too show ramone flying. this shot/scene is significant because it shows ramones dreams to the audience and his dream to be free and that he wants out of his hell of being paralyzed.

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