outside reading part 5

in the last part of my paper chris has two last journeys he talks about. one of the journeys chris talks about is when he wants to rejoin boy scouts. he wants to get stronger so he does. he quickly realizes though that he wasnt exactly ready for the task of rejoining right away. he wasnt fit to a boy scout we will say. or smart enough. they go on a hiking trip his first week in and have to survive a full weekend on there own with 5 other scouts from there group. chris's group cant produce a fire the whole weekend and almost starve and just could make it the whole weekend. they failed the trip. then next trip he takes is with his leader and they go hiking in the woods again. it all goes well except chris was always behind the whole trip and didnt help in any way but he made it through and succeeded. the last part is talking about how he became a writer. it started off when he cheated on a book report. he made it up and got a A- on it. in college chris and a buddy of his would right storys and would correct them for each other. his friend would later on publish a couple storys before chris would. then chris decided it was time to publish. so he called up his friends publisher and published his first novel.

i loved part 5 and also the last part of my outside reading assignment. i felt the last part of the book really got into his personal life more than any of the other parts i read. the whole story on him wanting to be a boy scout and going into it weak and then coming out of it still weak but stronger in the heart was amazing. that chapter i felt summarized the whole books meaning of becoming a man. chris stood up to a big challenge and he overcame it as hard as hey could. finally i loved the last chapter the most. its called "Why i became a writer" and talks about how and why chris decided to take on the profession of writing. i think this chapter is very very personal to chris and i think its really cool he decided to talk about it in his book. the last part of chris's book/ part 5 of the book was by far in my opinion the best part of the book because it talked about the most crazy adventure of his young life and his most amazing story at the same time. this book was amazing.

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